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The six elements considered to be the building blocks of life are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur! The PH level of the glandular part of a horse's stomach is 1.5 to 2 compared to 6.7 in the large intestine! George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Prussian military are undeniably the most totally awesome love-loves of world history! FACTS SHOULD BE VALID, ACCURATE, UNBIASED, REPRESENTATIVE! PI IS IRRATIONAL! FOR ALL WE KNOW, WE COULD BE BRAINS IN VATS, SO HOW THE HELL DO WE EVEN KNOW IF WE KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL!?

Learning - I've been doing that a lot over the last week... astrobiology, philosophy, logic, equine nutrition, history, and even ALGEBRA! But, although I do dearly love learning, I haven't been having much time to do anything besides learning... I haven't been keeping up with my social media, watching dramas, variety shows, or concerts, haven't been keeping up with idol news, and it has been over a week since I've read any blogs, not even Sayu's! I FEEL THE FANBOY WITHDRAWAL KICKING IN! Which is why tonight, to ensure the survival of the Holy Empire, your Holy Emperor is just going to have to sit back and blast some idol tunes (~Lalala no Pipipi, Aishuu Romantic~), read some blogs, and maybe watch an episode or two of some drama.... I'll definitely need something to get me through the horrors of algebra that lay ahead! Well, dinner is nigh ready and Buffalo tofu is calling my name, so I guess I'll be off! Toodles!
Listening to Morning Musume's new, 52nd single - 'Help Me!' and am just loving it~! And, of course, it has to be limited edition D~!
Help Me! - Limited Edition D
Help Me! - Limited Editon D
Isn't Sayumi JUST TOO CUTE!? And, of course, Reina is absolutely adorable too... but... what the hell is she doing at the way back?? UNACCEPTABLE!

I played 'Help Me!' for MoM - Dad wasn't overly interested (and still can't tell the difference between Momusu and AKB!) and Sis has heard me blasting the PV enough that she immediately recognized it - and, after politely listening, said she thought it was good... but the problem was that she heard it two singles ago with 'One . Two . Three', although she did like this one better than 'One . Two . Three'. >.< Okay, okay... so, getting around my bias... well, I do love 'Help Me!' (even if I am miffed about Sayumi's lack of lines...), but it is kind of hard not to admit that it is awfully similar to 'One . Two . Three' and 'Wakuteka Take a Chance' in sound. But, then again, what *I* love about Morning Musume isn't Tsunku(BOY)'s, er, 'abilities' as a songwriter but rather the girls themselves, their personalities and what they bring to the songs and performances. Anyway, I'll save a full review of the single for a later post...

But, of course, I can't postpone expressing my utter, absolute, and complete adoration of 'Aishuu Romantic'♥♥♥! Of course, the whole reason why limited edition D is the one for me (aside from prominently featuring Sayumi on the cover ♥_♥) is this song - while I'm absolutely certain my Sayu-bias plays a role in it, I've just loved the song ever since I heard it on Maji de Pyoko Pyoko! I could rant for a while but it is beginning to get late, so, suffice to say this song is the complete selling point for me~! While I could continue to listen all night long, common sense and obligation prevent me so... oyasayumin~!


Enjoying the outdoors is one of those things you really don't need to make an excuse to do, but there's no better excuse to enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and share your idol music with the world than gardening! And, while the South has many, many, many and then many more absolutely irredeemable features, all of which I may expound upon at a later date, one of the few benefits of living down here is the extended growing season - already there's a decent amount of plants to start outdoors, and even a decent amount to begin indoors! And, of course, as a family of vegans we eat plenty of vegetables - and fruits, legumes, beans, and whatever other plant-based lifeforms we can munch on.
So, today starts what will hopefully be an epic growing season full of innumerable vegetable munchies - provided the cute li'l bunnies, deer, birds, Sasquatch, aliens, and a random dude named Steve keep plenty of distance from them. And, what better way to kick the season off then by blasting Manoeri as loud (or slightly higher than) as consideration allows. Because, after all, if a man can't blast his idols while planting radishes, peas, and turnips, then just what exactly IS this world coming to? Especially when our neighbors have no problem having the hills echo with their godforsaken country music >shudders<. Well, off to go menace the world with root vegetables and cuteness!

First posts are awkward...

Oh my... I always find myself feeling terribly awkward when beginning to post on something... how do I begin? Should I begin in an introductory fashion? Should I do it in a semi-autobiographical manner? Or, should I just pop something completely random out there? And, to be sure, there's just going to be no satisfactory method of going about it...

Hmmmm... some good vegan peanut butter coated pretzels would do good right about now... and don't you think those ankle socks are so annoying? They're always just falling down... much the same way things are always falling out of the fridge when Dad goes through to 'organize'. His method of organizing is... stacking large things on top of small things, and somehow just making it into life-or-death jenga. But I always was kind of good at jenga, although I always took too long making a decision for SOME people's liking... but I'm better at shogi and chess... but I don't do well with go (Japanese strategy board game)... much too messy and arbitrary for my liking, although my sister excels at it. Dad prefers games where you have to blow lots and lots of people away or hack through loads of people in a gory fashion... I, on the other hand, would much rather have to try and not be blown away or killed in a gory manner by packs of rabid demonic chipmunks, or zombies. But, what's always gotten to me is that zombies aren't really zombies... they're more like ghouls, which is more of a middle eastern vibe, than zombies, which is a whole sort of voodoo kind of vibe... hmmmm... but I've always thought clowns are just that much more creepy than flesh eating zombies. And then... synchronized swimmers... I always think there is just something so absolutely eerie about them... synchronized swimming zombie clowns... oh, heavens, I'm thinking too hard on this before bed... and it is getting late... and I have lectures tomorrow... hmmm... oh, well, I suppose this ends my opening post... off to bed with me! Oyasayumi~!