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Wota-ness, Weirdness, and Whatever Else

Where His Holiness talks about idols, life, the universe, and just generally babbles...

The Holy Emperor
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Greetings all! I'm the Holy Emperor, but you can refer to me as Your Holiness, the Almighty Holy One, Captain Holy Dude, or just plain Ro for short, although the latter kind of lacks that sanctimonious gleam. I'm a fanboy, wota initiate, and peace loving dude with a weakness for cute things – like kittens, bunnies, frosted pretzels, pink frilly zombies, and, of course, IDOLS!

IDOLS! What CAN'T I say about them? I like practically all idols, although I'm particularly fond of H!P, AKB48 (♥Takamina♥ and ♥Mayuyu♥) and Momoiro Clover Z, and firmly believe that Morning Musume is one of the most awesome (if not eight-elevenths way too young for me) idol groups in existence (SAYUMI IS THE CUTEST EVER♥♥♥!!, and of course ♥Reina♥). And, aside from female idol groups, I also totally dig male idol groups - JOHNNY'S ROCK!!! I totally fanboy over my JE boys just as much as - okay, well, maybe not AS much but ALMOST as much - as my mom and sister.

Aside from idols... well... I'm currently 'unschooling college' as it were and enjoying it because, hey, learning is fun!... I suffer from chronic migraines... I'm a vegan and dig cooking... most American music and television don't work for me, so my musical and entertainment interests are almost entirely foreign, and mostly Japanese... I have a totally screwy Dad, an eccentric Mom hyped up on idols, hippie happiness, and just outright weirdness, and a sensible and almost as eccentric autistic younger sister...