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First posts are awkward...

Oh my... I always find myself feeling terribly awkward when beginning to post on something... how do I begin? Should I begin in an introductory fashion? Should I do it in a semi-autobiographical manner? Or, should I just pop something completely random out there? And, to be sure, there's just going to be no satisfactory method of going about it...

Hmmmm... some good vegan peanut butter coated pretzels would do good right about now... and don't you think those ankle socks are so annoying? They're always just falling down... much the same way things are always falling out of the fridge when Dad goes through to 'organize'. His method of organizing is... stacking large things on top of small things, and somehow just making it into life-or-death jenga. But I always was kind of good at jenga, although I always took too long making a decision for SOME people's liking... but I'm better at shogi and chess... but I don't do well with go (Japanese strategy board game)... much too messy and arbitrary for my liking, although my sister excels at it. Dad prefers games where you have to blow lots and lots of people away or hack through loads of people in a gory fashion... I, on the other hand, would much rather have to try and not be blown away or killed in a gory manner by packs of rabid demonic chipmunks, or zombies. But, what's always gotten to me is that zombies aren't really zombies... they're more like ghouls, which is more of a middle eastern vibe, than zombies, which is a whole sort of voodoo kind of vibe... hmmmm... but I've always thought clowns are just that much more creepy than flesh eating zombies. And then... synchronized swimmers... I always think there is just something so absolutely eerie about them... synchronized swimming zombie clowns... oh, heavens, I'm thinking too hard on this before bed... and it is getting late... and I have lectures tomorrow... hmmm... oh, well, I suppose this ends my opening post... off to bed with me! Oyasayumi~!


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