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The six elements considered to be the building blocks of life are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur! The PH level of the glandular part of a horse's stomach is 1.5 to 2 compared to 6.7 in the large intestine! George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Prussian military are undeniably the most totally awesome love-loves of world history! FACTS SHOULD BE VALID, ACCURATE, UNBIASED, REPRESENTATIVE! PI IS IRRATIONAL! FOR ALL WE KNOW, WE COULD BE BRAINS IN VATS, SO HOW THE HELL DO WE EVEN KNOW IF WE KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL!?

Learning - I've been doing that a lot over the last week... astrobiology, philosophy, logic, equine nutrition, history, and even ALGEBRA! But, although I do dearly love learning, I haven't been having much time to do anything besides learning... I haven't been keeping up with my social media, watching dramas, variety shows, or concerts, haven't been keeping up with idol news, and it has been over a week since I've read any blogs, not even Sayu's! I FEEL THE FANBOY WITHDRAWAL KICKING IN! Which is why tonight, to ensure the survival of the Holy Empire, your Holy Emperor is just going to have to sit back and blast some idol tunes (~Lalala no Pipipi, Aishuu Romantic~), read some blogs, and maybe watch an episode or two of some drama.... I'll definitely need something to get me through the horrors of algebra that lay ahead! Well, dinner is nigh ready and Buffalo tofu is calling my name, so I guess I'll be off! Toodles!


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