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Listening to Morning Musume's new, 52nd single - 'Help Me!' and am just loving it~! And, of course, it has to be limited edition D~!
Help Me! - Limited Edition D
Help Me! - Limited Editon D
Isn't Sayumi JUST TOO CUTE!? And, of course, Reina is absolutely adorable too... but... what the hell is she doing at the way back?? UNACCEPTABLE!

I played 'Help Me!' for MoM - Dad wasn't overly interested (and still can't tell the difference between Momusu and AKB!) and Sis has heard me blasting the PV enough that she immediately recognized it - and, after politely listening, said she thought it was good... but the problem was that she heard it two singles ago with 'One . Two . Three', although she did like this one better than 'One . Two . Three'. >.< Okay, okay... so, getting around my bias... well, I do love 'Help Me!' (even if I am miffed about Sayumi's lack of lines...), but it is kind of hard not to admit that it is awfully similar to 'One . Two . Three' and 'Wakuteka Take a Chance' in sound. But, then again, what *I* love about Morning Musume isn't Tsunku(BOY)'s, er, 'abilities' as a songwriter but rather the girls themselves, their personalities and what they bring to the songs and performances. Anyway, I'll save a full review of the single for a later post...

But, of course, I can't postpone expressing my utter, absolute, and complete adoration of 'Aishuu Romantic'♥♥♥! Of course, the whole reason why limited edition D is the one for me (aside from prominently featuring Sayumi on the cover ♥_♥) is this song - while I'm absolutely certain my Sayu-bias plays a role in it, I've just loved the song ever since I heard it on Maji de Pyoko Pyoko! I could rant for a while but it is beginning to get late, so, suffice to say this song is the complete selling point for me~! While I could continue to listen all night long, common sense and obligation prevent me so... oyasayumin~!


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